Illustrated National Family Bible c1885

Mono and chromolithograph illustrations originally printed circa 1885 for The Illustrated National Family Bible. The monochrome lithographs are from engravings by Gustave Dore and some of the chromolithographs are signed EJH.

The images are The Creation of Light, The Deluge, Saint Paul and the Gaoler, Saint Paul at Ephesus, Jonah preaching to the Ninevites, Christ healing the man sick of the palsy, Hagar and Ishmael in the desert, Jesus and His Disciples in the corn-field, The Vision of Saint John, Daniel interpreting the writing on the wall, David showing Saul that he has spared his life, Moses viewing the Promised Land, Elijah nourished by an Angel, Return of the spies from the Promised Land, Rebuilding the Temple, Esther before King Ahasuerus, The Death of Samson, The Wise Men guided by the star, Rebekah, The Finding of Moses, The Widow’s Mite, The Return of the Prodigal Son, A passage of scripture in 103 languages, Plan of the Tabernacle and Plan of Solomon’s Temple, Bible Natural History.

Higher resolution scans can be downloaded from the Silicon Press Flickr gallery

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