Series One of Hulme's Familiar Wild Flowers

40 colour plates from an undated (circa 1900) edition of Familiar Wild Flowers Series One by F. Edward Hulme, published by Cassell and Company. The plates are: Apple, Arum or Cuckoo-Pint, Bindweed, Borage, Bramble, Bulbous Crowfoot, Bush Veitch and Sweet-Scented Vernal Grass, Common Orchis and Broad-Leaved Garlic, Corn Sow-Thistle, Cowslip, Dandelion, Dead Nettle (Red and White), Field Convolvulus, Field Rose, Fleabane, Goldilocks and Water Ranunculus, Greater Willow-Herb, Harebell, Hawthorn, Honeysuckle, Hop Trefoil, Hyacinth, Lesser Celandine, Meadow Crane’s Bill, Periwinkle, Pink Persicaria, Primrose, Scarlet Poppy, Silverweed, Small Knapweed, Stork’s Bill, Sweet Violet, Toadflax, Tormentil and Cinquefoil, Touch-Me-Not, Tutsan, Valerian, Wood Sorrel, Yellow Iris, Yellow Rattle.

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