Religious Chromo-Lithographs from The Sunday at Home

The Sunday at Home was a magazine published by The Religious Tract Society of London, during the mid to late 19th Century, and contained numerous illustrations, engravings, stories and educational information.

The sub-title for the magazine was A Sabbath Magazine for Family Reading, and probably a third of each issue was dedicated to Christian stories, poems and prayers, with the rest given over to educational literature .

Most of the illustrations were monchrome engravings, but the lithographic process made it cheaper to print in colour, and a few ‘chromolithographs’ began to appear within the bound annual versions.

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  1. Did Sunday at Home magazine run through 1905? if so, then I may have a print from then. It is in the same style as above with black background, flowers, border and a verse however all is says at bottom of the print is copywrite 1905. No artist name.


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