Louis Wain – The Frogmousiad

So at his bidding they armed them : and first, with vigorous haste
Splitting the verdant bean-pod, in greaves their legs they encased ;
Next their bodies in well-stitched jerkins of leather arrayed, Cunningly stript from the corpse of Grimalkin recently flayed :
Each had the central lid of a lamp for his circular shield—
Each for a spear the burnished length of a needle to wield—
Each on his head for helmet a walnut’s ponderous shell :—
So they went forth equipped the foe to attack and repel.

But when the Frogs perceived their gathering troops from afar,
Straightway they rose from the water and called a council of war :
And, as they gravely debated, a herald to audience came,
Son of the mighty Cheese-scraper himself, Pot-searcher by name,
Big with a message of battle, and thus he delivered the same :—

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