Louis Wain – The Frogmousiad

Thus they slew one another ; and some on the slippery bank
Breathed their last, while some ‘neath the wave in agony sank
Trampled were all the rushes, and strewn with corpses the shore—
Fouled with carnage the field, and the waters crimsoned with gore

Yet did the conflict rage—the blameless Mud-wallower died
Pierced by Lick-trencher’s lance, and his soul  to  the shadow-land hied :
But Bog-trotter avenged him—a compress of glutinous mud
Right in the face of the foe he hurled, and a sickening thud
Followed the deadly aim half-blinded, scarce able to stand,

Yet invigored by wrath, the foe in his muscular hand
Lifting on high a mighty boulder that burdened the land,
Smote Bog-trotter amain with a crashing blow on the shank,
So that the limb was shattered, and down in the dust he sank.
Then Fitz-croaker arose and drove his glittering spear
Into Scrap-filcher’s heart, and closed his earthly career.
But there was one young champion of irresistible might,
Blameless Cake-sniffer’s son, the bold Bun-ravager hight :

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